Reason of conflicts

between teenagers and parents

Discussion of GVC 06-17

graphic by Arina (R)

Many teenagers go through conflicts with their parents. We tried to sum up the main reasons or situations in which conflicts arise.

  • Parents often treat teens as little babies. They are the last people who see changes in growing child. For too many years parents were accustomed to take care, to lead, to follow every step. They were people with large authority and helped their children to discover picture of the world. Their opinion was only right one for children.
    But now it all changed. Children have grown and they want more freedom and independence. They want to have the right to opinion and decisions. But parents continue treating like little ones.

    Many parents limit time for teenagers when to come home, whereas teenagers do not agree with definite hour, they think it is too early and they would prefer to come home later.

    Parents often do not like friends of their children or some of them, because they worry about bad influence. Or parents do not know friends at all and teenagers do not want to introduce their friends and tell who they are.

    Parents do not understand clothes teenagers want to wear. To their opinion, it breaks rules and norms of society. So, parents do not want to buy such clothes.
    Teenagers want to have things that their friends have and it is not always possible for parents to buy them.

    Many teenagers like to listen loud music and parents do not like it at all.

    Some parents like to influence further educational institution or future job of teenagers. Teenagers, however, have their own preferences and want to have their own choice.

    Parents do not like the way how teenagers spend their free time. They think that time can be spent in more useful way for development or education. Usually parents think that teenagers do not give enough time for doing their homework.

    There are conflicts about housework and home duties. Parents think that teenagers do not participate enough and teenagers think that they are too busy to spend more time helping in the house.

  • Parents do not like bad habits of teenagers, like smoking or drinking beer, even if they smoke and drink themselves.



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