Wooly Mammoth

Picture by: Philippe L, Horace Mann Elementary School, Oak Park, IL

Woolly Mammoths were huge, massive animals that lived in the Ice Age in northern North America and Eurasia, especially Siberia (in Russia).  Mammoths stood about 9-10 feet tall.  They were furry and had huge tusks.  They had pretty big trunks, too, but small ears.  They ate grass.

People over the years have found mammoth remains.  In 1977, a baby mammoth carcass was discovered in Siberia.  People named it “Dima”. 

Most of the wooly mammoths died out about 11 or 12 thousand years ago.  They probably became extinct because of climate change and human hunting.  A few mammoths died out as recently as 1,700 years ago on Wrangel Island in Russia.

Description by: Amerman Elementary School - Northville, Michigan

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